Current Projects

At the moment I’m working on a few project-in-progress, which are listed below. As a general rule, I like to do everything from scratch if I can help it. Unfortunately this results in sometimes inefficient or just plain wrong coding practices and slow progress, but everything I learn on one project tends to get used straightaway in the next, resulting in a sort of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ effect. Anyway, here’s the list:


  • ‘dungeons’ (Working Title) – A simple 2D top-down Java dungeon crawler used as a vehicle for exploring procedural generation of game maps, enemy AI and game development in general.


  • ‘ImageAnalyser’ – A scalable Java image analyzer that will find the one or three brightest areas of an image, and return the locations of these, the average brightness of the image and a bearing clockwise from north towards the brightest area. This was used on a recent University project that involved developing an automated tracking system for guiding a quadcopter to an arbitrary target. More details when I write that one up. 


  • ‘PEA’ – An attempt to implement a larger game world, while showing only the player’s range of sight withing the game window. This involves turning world coordinates into on-screen pixel coordinates, and at last count, also a set of mini-map (showing all world space) coordinates in the corner.
  • ‘FilingCabinet’ – Undoubtedly been done before, but more for personal use. Inspired by the brief structure thrown together for humorous purposes in the first post, a command line way of organizing ‘notes’ within virtual filing cabinet ‘drawers’, mainly an exercise in managing file system files. 
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