First Pebble Watchface Implemented

Remember that Pebble I was talking about the other day? Well despite the fact that half the time the display looks like this:


I’ve managed to compile and run this:


The key to being able to use the screen is to hold the Down button quite hard… But unfortunately this isn’t always practical, like when I want to use the Down button repeatedly on a list. I have contacted Support but have yet to receive a reply…

But in the meantime I can keep writing watchfaces, just can’t use ’em.

But what if we wanted to change it? Well, here’s how you’d go about it:

  1. Load up Ubuntu Linux or a suitable VM, download the Pebble SDK (including dependencies and libraries) and set it all up as described here.
  2. Write the source file, with guidance from the SDK documentation. I’ve already done this (and you can read it in full here).
  3. Change this line to whatever you want this very basic watchface to say. 1
  4. Navigate to the watchface’s directory in a Terminal. For example: cd ./~pebble-dev/myWatchfaces/TextTest and build the watchface using ./waf configure build2
  5. Find the resulting package file in the ‘build’ directory. For example: ~/pebble-dev/myWatchfaces/TextTest/build
  6. Copy this file from Ubuntu to Windows if you’re using a VM (I couldn’t get the next step to work when inside a VM.) 3
  7. You need to get to the package file directly on the phone. The suggested method is to use a Python HTTP Server, which comes pre-written as part of the Python distribution.4
  8. On the phone, open a Browser and go to the LAN address of the computer running the server. On my network this would be
  9. There you will find the file. Tap the file name and the Pebble app will open and install the watchface in seconds. 6
  10. Now you should see the watchface with its changes on the watch!7

Now to work on some other ideas I’ve had…


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