Update: Back to Work

Back to work! This means I’ll be developing stuff in my spare time rather than all day. I know, it’s sad news.

Things to expect eventually (in the weeks range):

  • More Pebble SDK 2.0 Tutorial sections. A list of planned ones can be seen here.
  • A new UI for Watch Trigger &+ that better resembles Holo, but with that distinctive red theme. I’m also working on portrait shooting, but the Camera API hates me. It works, but the layout always seems to make the Preview View stretched and distorted. Here’s a sneak preview:


  • Toying with ideas for a ‘canned’ SMS responses app that can be customised on the phone, then set to the watchapp. We’ll see.

Hopefully Watch Trigger on the Play Store is stable enough to fend for itself for the time being. If not, let me know.


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