Big Watch Trigger 3.1.0 and Watch Trigger + 2.1.0 Released!

It’s been a long time since the last release that had any major changes, but after much work the re-write is now complete, and released to Google Play!

The main change is the new UI, which has a much better flow and use of Android APIs, such as ActionBar Tabs. Here’s the spot-the-difference…

wt compare

That old design had been the same almost since it was first published to the store!

The watchapp for the Pebble has also changed for SDK 2.0 users, but this was already released a couple of versions ago. It looks like this:


The other main changes are thus:

  • Overhauled Android app UI for better navigation.
  • Added portrait photo shooting orientation.
  • Added vibration during countdown option.
  • Added FAQs in Settings.
  • An inaccessible path is now automatically reset.
  • Fixed setting flash preference from watch bug.

Hopefully the update will be worth the time, and bug free! ALthough it has been known for me to release apps with bugs that only appear on different device configurations than my own, or through unusual use cases. Fingers crossed!

Get the apps here:

Watch Trigger               

Get it on Google Play

Watch Trigger +

Get it on Google Play

  1. macaco said:

    Hi there. Thanks a lot for your development.
    I recently installed the Android 2.0 Beta 10, with it’s new way to install whatapps, and this is one of the affected one.

    Are you planing on porting this awesome app to the new installing system??

    • bonsitm said:

      Hi Macaco,

      I believe the side-loading bug in Beta 10 is indeed a bug, albiet a very annoying one. If it is an unnanounced ‘feature’, then I will have to resort to using the Pebble App Store as a middle man. I’ll do this soon regardless as a stop gap, be sure.


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