Wristponder for Pebble: Send Custom SMS Messages from your wrist!


After a couple of weeks’ on and off work I proudly present a new watchapp for Pebble: Wristponder!

Together with the Android companion app, this watchapp allows you to add, edit, delete, import and export custom SMS messages and send them from the watch.

pb screen

How it works

In the Android app, the responses are specified by the user and stored in a database, which is then read when the watchapp is launched and a request is made.

Each response is sent to the watch where it is then shown in a MenuLayer underneath the name of the last contact to send the user an SMS. Once the user selects a response it is sent to that contact via the phone.

Due to AppMessage size limitations, each PebbleDictionary sent contains only two responses. If any of them fail to be delievered, the watchapp spots this and requests them again from the phone. This event is shown by ‘Latecomers…’ on the watch. This even happens less if the AppMessage delay is increased, but you can try smaller values if you like to live dangerously. This was a source of much frustration in development, but the final solution seems to be remarkably robust.



You can get Wristponder with it’s companion app in one place from the Google Play store. If you find any bugs or have feature ideas, let me know!

Get it on Google Play

  1. Patrick McWilliams said:

    Owning a tablet but no smartphone, I rely on Google Voice for my texting needs, would there be any way for you to add Gvoice support because I’ve yet to see any way for me to respond in such a manner with GVoice. Thanks!

    • bonsitm said:

      Hi Patrick,

      I have not looked into adding any other services yet, although I can see the obvious benefits. A cursory search has revealed that Google Voice used to have an open API, but Google is planning a shake up and will require apps to be authorized to use it.

      Once the issue is decided I may look into it again. If I do attempt an implementation, you’ll be the first to know!


  2. Tonylaurel said:

    Any plans of releasing an iOS version?

    • bonsitm said:

      Hi Tony,

      Unfortunately I do not have any objective C experience, nor an iOS or an Apple dev licence, so the answer is no. But if you know anyone who does, I’m more than happpy for them to adapt it!


  3. ayobboy said:

    It might be better to send a message in Pebble ; If it was possible that …

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