Wristponder for Pebble 1.2.1 Released


– 1.2.0 shipped with an incorrect icon (d’oh!) and is now 1.2.1.

– 1.2.2 Adds link to install from Pebble Appstore to combat Android Beta 10 sideloading bug. 

Today sees the addition of a number of new features to improve and expand the Wristponder experience:

  1. Added option to send to last Caller as well as last SMS.
  2. Added auto-close option in Settings.
  3. Added visual indicator of list usage.
  4. Added a guard to size when editing.
  5. Fixed a crash when a response was too long.

Here are some screenshots:

wp screens quad

A few points regarding other requested features:

  1. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Voice do not at the moment have APIs that allow background composition and sending of messages without user interaction. If I am incorrect, please let me know!
  2. Persistent storage of responses for faster launch on the watch is on the horizon, but it needs a few kinks ironed out first.
  3. Implementing a ‘top 5 received SMS contacts’ feature is only possible for Android phones with API level 18 (Android 4.3) or greater, so not worth implementation just yet. Still a desirable feature though. Appears to be doable! More soon.


You can get Wristponder with it’s companion app in one place from the Google Play store. If you find any bugs or have feature ideas, let me know!

Get it on Google Play

  1. Hi Chris. We’re a London based startup, and have just released our swimming app http://www.helloswimio.com – I was wondering if you are available for any freelance Pebble/Android work? Sorry for contacting you via blog comment! It was either this or twitter!

    • bonsitm said:

      Hi Daniel. I am available yes. You can find my email address in any of my Google Play app listings and we can discuss further!

  2. The ability to write the SMS on the Pebble – using, for instance, Tertiary Text – would be awesome!

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