Spark Core Pins from a Webpage

Building on the small amount of JavaScript code developed by controlling the Spark Core pins from my Pebble, I decided to write a basic webpage to allow me to perform the same control functions but from a browser. Sure, it’s been done before, but as I have no real expertise or experience of JavaScript beyond that used for PebbleKit JS apps, and virtually none at all for HTML, it seemed like a good learning opportunity.

And it turned out to be easier than expected! After a couple of hours, the basic code was in place. The webpage looks like this:

jQUery CoreNothing too pretty to look at, but does the job well.

During the aforementioned Pebble project, I sought help with a problem in getting the same pin number back as I sent to the Spark Cloud. The solution to this turned out to be specifying the Spark.function() parameter string as a key-value dictionary, making the core (aha) code segment in this webpage as so:

//Send the request to the Core
var sendRequest = function(pin, on, device_id, access_token) {
	var url;
	if(on) {
		url = "" + device_id + "/on?access_token=" + access_token;
	} else {
		url = "" + device_id + "/off?access_token=" + access_token;

	console.log("jQuery AJAX: Requesting pin " + pin + " " + (on == true ? "on" : "off") + "...");

	//Send request using jQuert AJAX
	  type: "POST",
	  url: url,
	  data: {"args":pin},
	  success: success,
	  dataType: "json"

The entire project (three files!) can be found on GitHub here. I may expand it to include more functions in the future, but at the moment it provides a good platform to play around with, and I’ve learned a small amount about HTML forms and using jQuery. Time well spent!



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