Wristponder v1.6.0 – Longer Responses, Auto-start, Notifications and more!

After finishing my engineering dissertation, today is a day to get some coding done before starting on the next assignment sprint tomorrow.

The result is version 1.6.0 of Wristponder!


New features include:

  • The maximum length of a response has been raised from 40 to 100 characters.
  • Option to auto-start the watchapp when an SMS or phone call is received.
  • Option to receive a notification when the SMS send is successful or fails. This is good for when signal is weak and takes longer than the alert dialog timeout.
  • Sorting the list of responses now triggers a sync of responses where it incorrectly did not previously. Full manual sorting is coming soon, when I figure out the UI processes to use.
  • The watchapp is now built with SDK 2.0.2. Sorry this transition from BETA6 took so long.

As a result, both the Android and watchapp require updating. The good news is that the new watchapp is bundled with the Android app with an improved side-loading mechanism that looks more robust, I hope.

A set of selectable Favourite contacts is also coming soon, but requires significant UI modification, more than a day’s work. Stay tuned for that.


Get it on Google Play


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