Monthly Archives: November 2015

First of all, an apology to my app users – I’ve been slow updating my apps, and fixing new bugs!

Recently Dashboard and Wristponder have had updates fixing a connectivity bug introduced in FW 3.6, which seem to have done the trick. In addition, select watchfaces and apps Isotime, Tube Status have also been updated for Pebble Time Round. Thanks for universal-fb (below), Isotime is now available on Aplite for free. Got to love drop-in libraries!

pebble_screenshot_2015-11-05_22-42-23 pebble_screenshot_2015-11-05_22-43-31 pebble_screenshot_2015-11-05_22-44-00

PGE has been updated for Chalk compatibility, and new libraries owm-weather and universal-fb have been released to help developers add popular features with ease. owm-weather enables developers to add weather data to their apps with only one C function call and one callback, the rest is done automatically in JS. Another library to enable drawing of PebbleDrawCommand files is in the final stages.

News Headlines and Beam Up have updates in progress, but as with any app development problems do come up and require time to fix. Between working for Pebble creating and updating developer documentation, guides, tutorials, and examples, time for long sessions of code revamps, bug fixes and complete redesigns is at a premium. Be assured though, that my Pebble apps have a special place in my heart and will eventually be updated. Users just have to be patient. As always, bugs have the highest priority, with redesigns for Basalt and Chalk coming a close second.

Lastly, here’s a sneak preview of News Headlines and Beam Up on a round display:

pebble_screenshot_2015-11-05_22-47-36 pebble_screenshot_2015-11-05_22-49-17