Dashboard 4.0 now available!


It’s here! The redesign I’ve been planning since many months ago (the previous colour watchapp design was a bit of a bodge), and I’ve wanted to add in a few extra features:

  • GSM signal strength
  • Wifi network name
  • Phone free space
  • Resync every 30 seconds while the app is open
  • Option to jump straight to a certain toggle when the app is opened

…and all the usual refactoring (I can’t help myself) and some protocol simplification. Here’s a rule of thumb: if your AppMessage protocol uses arithmetic and nested switch statements, ditch it!

I also improved a lot of the Android code, added fail cases, and more logging etc. to better help me diagnose problems when a user sends me a debug log. Finally, I brought a little animation magic to the UI, and relied more heavily on system UI components instead of over-complicating things by rolling my own version of everything.

Download on Google Play and Pebble appstore!

  1. Nick Rasmussen said:

    I really liked the grid of icons. New design is much slower to toggle settings. Please add option to still use the grid.

    • Hi Nick. I will try and find some way to integrate the overall status into the layout. Unfortunately there is not enough code space to include both layouts.

  2. Thomas said:

    Please please add an option to use the previous grid style – the simple visual cues made it far simpler and quicker to use. This app is a victim of mission creep, I fear…

  3. Same here: the grid layout had a much better UX, it was visual and everything was visible at a glance. Please bring it back! I love your app, but this made it harder to use. (the welcome screen is awesome tho!)

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