Monthly Archives: January 2017

After Pebble disappeared, I felt adventurous enough to buy another vendor’s smartwatch (!) just to see what another experience was like.

In one way, it was an eerily similar experience.

In terms of the watch itself, it’s solidly built, has a larger display, and since charging on Boxing Day last year, it’s still at about 50%! In terms of development, I was impressed with how you can write some JavaScript for a ‘stream’ widget that goes on a watchface, run it in the browser and then use that instance to power an actual device from the phone app’s appstore!

A good start. I was looking forward to the upcoming native app SDK, but sadly that doesn’t look to be arriving after all. In the short time I spent with it, I ported over some code from News Headlines to show a fraction (which scrolled) of a latest BBC News headline on a watchface.


And the code is available on GitHub, for historical institutions to reference.

I think I’ll take a break from buying smartwatches for a while. In case I take another one down.