FitBit Development – Round 1 Review and Future Plans

After some months and a couple of releases for the FitBit Ionic a few months ago, here are the first batch of watchfaces and app for both Ionic and the new Versa! Reviewed and released right now are:

  • Elemental – An original watchface, and my first completed for Ionic.
  • Tube Status – Ported from Pebble, but with an updated pager UI,
  • Isotime – Ported from Pebble, with higher resolution digits, though sadly no longer rendered in individual blocks with PGE.
  • Beam Up – Ported from Pebble, the classic (and one of my oldest!) animated watchface, complete with inverting beams (but this time faked with clever timings, instead of using an inverter layer or framebuffer hack.

The development experience has gotten much better, with very good connectivity of the developer connection with the updates paving the way for Versa, and also due to the FitBit OS Simulator, which closes the iterative gap from minutes to seconds!

So what’s next?

News Headlines port needs to be completed, though getting the same UI as the Pebble app is proving to be a layout challenge. So I may opt to scrap it and build a new one, similar for Tube Status.

I also want to create some more original watchfaces for FitBit OS to take advantage of the gorgeous full-color screens these watches have. So look out for more!

I’d also love to port Dashboard (as I still use it regularly, and many have found it an invaluable remote and automation agent), but that will have to wait until an equivalent of PebbleKit Android is released by FitBit, or some other Intent-based mechanism for receiving app messages in a third party Android app.

In the meantime, you can find the source for all my FitBit OS apps and watchfaces in my fitbit-dev GitHub repo.

  1. Sarah said:

    Hello! Loving your new ‘Upcoming’ app on the Fitbit Versa. Have a couple of questions though… Is there a way to change the clock to a 12 hour clock? Sorry, I can’t read 24h clock very well. Also, can it also display the day like Monday, Tuesday etc.? One last thing I promise, Can we have the option to click on an event for more details? On Google Calendar, there’s a section at the bottom that says ‘add description’. Can we have the option to click on the event in our Fitbit app and have that pop up along with the event name, time, day of the week and location? If you can add those, it would be the best app ever, if not, that’s okay too. Thanks! (not a suggestion, just a question, will it give me a notification on my Fitbit when the date is approaching?)

    • bonsitm said:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for reading and using the new app! I appreciate the suggestions – some of them are quick wins I hope to incorporate soon, other may take a little more thinking about. So stay tuned! Right now, there isn’t a mechanism for apps to create notifications, but I hope the FitBit team looks into this in the future.

  2. Sergio Catta said:

    I’m a FitBit Ionic user and, in the past, I have appreciated your “Upcoming” App until some times ago, when it has stopped working.

    I tried today to downloaded again (my phone is an Android HTC U12+) because I noticed it has been updated last January the 4th but if I enter the Setting, I cannot select “Source Selection” neither.

    It’s a pity because it was a nice App to me.

    What can I do to get it working again?

    Thanks in advance,

    • bonsitm said:

      The list of sources and calendars presented now come through the FitBit SDK. If you can’t see any options, I’d encourage you to share details of your device and calendars with them so they can improve this new feature.

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