This blog is a collection of posts about what I get up to in programming. Expect Java and C, on platforms such as Android, Pebble Smartwatch and PC, as well as miscellaneous posts involving real electronics.

About Me

I’m an Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduate (MEng) from the University of Birmingham who spent a 2 year period managing Pebble’s developer documentation, example apps, and took part in managing its developer community. Since then I’m doing Technical Writing for EVRYTHNG, the IoT Smart Things Platform.

Contact Me

You can contact me using the email address specified in any of my Google Play Store listings. (Take that spam bots!) or @Chris_DL on Twitter.

“Why ‘ninedof’?”

When I was working on my group project for my MEng third year, we used a component called a ‘9DOF IMU‘ to sense the orientation of our quadcopter. As often happens when you work long and hard on a difficult task, you hopefully develop a few in-jokes to ease the pain.

“It’s not working? Why? Maybe the 9DOF is broken! Blame the Niiiiiiinedofff!”

Seeing as I learnt an awful lot about programming during that project, it seemed only fitting to commemorate it in the URL of the blog I went on to start about that very subject.


  1. Marcus said:

    Is there a way to download the dashboard apk without a google account?

    • bonsitm said:

      Not at the moment, but I may look into it. It won’t automatically get updates, which is the main problem.

  2. Hi
    Are you thinking fitbit adding Persian language to the products?
    And how we can read persian alphabet to fitbit clocks?

  3. Ash said:

    Chris, loved the Upcoming but migrated to iPhone and missing it greatly 🙂

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