Google Play Store Releases

Here are summaries of all the apps I’ve released on Google Play. I’m a particular fan of how easy it is to prepare and release updates, as well as the ability to respond to reviews. Here is a link to all my published apps.

Watch Trigger for Pebble


This is a phone and watch app combo that allows the remote capturing of photos on the phone using a Pebble smartwatch without having to set up a timer (if available) and hurry back to pose. The built in app timer is also adjustable from the watch app itself. Get it on Google Play

Watch Trigger + for Pebble


This is an upgrade to Watch Trigger that also allows remote starting and stopping of video capture. Initially it also contained an updated UI and menu, which has since been added in a similar form to Watch Trigger. Get it on Google Play

CL Pebble Apps (formerly Watch App Selector)


This is a single app through which it is much easier to distribute all my past and future Pebble watch apps and watch faces.

Get it on Google Play

Data Toggle for Pebble


Allows toggling of both the Wi-Fi and Data radios on an Android phone via the Pebble smartwatch.

Get it on Google Play

Wristponder for Pebble


Allows sending of custom SMS responses with persistent storage, auto-start/close, top recent contacts and last caller. Also includes import/export.

Get it on Google Play


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